Seattle Laptop Orchestra (2005)

IMG_8630The Seattle Laptop Orchestra was conceived by James van Leuven after participating in an improvise punk orchestra in Koln Germany in 2004.  The experience inspired to push the current limitations of computer aided music.

In December 2005, we held 4 rehearsals, with 7 volunteer laptop musicians from the Seattle electronic music community, to try out ideas. The practice sessions made many of the complexities of this project apparent. We re-convened this spring with 3 core members, James van Leuven, Andy Rohrman and Michael Evans, to continue developing the orhcestra.

The Orchestra is built up into sections and chairs like a traditional orchestra: 8 instruments in the Percussion Section (covers all toneless rhythmic sounds), 4 instruments in the High-Range Section (tones 2,000hz thru 20,000hz), 4 instruments in the Mid-Range Section (tones 500hz thru 2000hz), 4 instruments in the Bass Section (tones 20hz thru 500hz).

Core Laptop Orchestra Musicians:

James van Leuven / Plan B
Andy Rohrman / Sientific American
Michael Evans / Feel Human
Alex Duff / Relcad
Andy Seavers
Mark Fauver
Zach Huntting / Zapan
Daniel Naspinski / DJN
Kristine Evans / Kinok
Darrin Wiener (aka Plastiq Phantom


Video Documentarians:
Marshall “Stack” Reid of Manik Skateboards
Don Wallingford


Mass Mvmnt
Brushed Golden Ltd

Creation of this work was made possible in part by Artist Trust


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