Sun Breaks

Sun Breaks is John Atkins (764-Hero, Hush Harbor, Magic Magicians) and myself. Shortly after relocating back to Seattle from France, John and I started playing together and before we new it an album was in the works. We’re calling our project Sun Breaks and our new EP was released on February 1, 2015. The album is available on major digital stores bandcamp, itunes, amazon, spotify, soundcloud, etc. starting February 1, 2015. Here’s our first single “Side Of The Road”…



Sun Breaks are featured on KEXP’s Song of the Day!

Song of the Day: Sun Breaks – Turnstile

Coming out of Seattle, the new collaboration between singer/guitarist John Atkins (764-Hero, Hush Harbor, Magic Magicians) and drummer/producer James van Leuven (Plan B,Automaton, Sub Debs) is an electrifying example in how to execute exemplary experimental pop. The 2015 self titled EP is a unique snapshot of artists who seem to be on a never ending upward creative trajectory, undertaking an intellectual approach to creating and utilizing eccentric, offbeat sounds and placing them in a catchy confines of pop music.

Today’s featured song, “Turnstile”, is perfectly constructed from an approach that marries the tight, well-thought-out melodies of Atkins with the improvisational feel of James van Leuven’s organic breakbeat style drum rolls. With an array of colorful instruments and sounds, this dense, complex score comes to life via such a minimalist construction that it’s a bit dumbfounding, but you will be too busy humming along to notice.

“Turnstile”, and in fact the whole Sun Breaks EP, is an incredible archetype for the synergistic possibilities that this open-minded collaboration can offer and we hold out with baited breath for what the duo come up with next. Pick up the EP on their Bandcamp page and find out what’s next for the group by being be one of the first to like them on their Facebook page. For now, here’s the video to “Turnstile”: